The apricot I’ll be growing is a new miniature variety called Pixie Cot. With a mature height of only 8 feet, I’ll be sure to have room for it without shading out sunlight from other crops on the ground. The tree I get should start bearing fruit in 2-3 years. I’m going to hope for just a few apricots sooner than that, but it should get to mature size in about that time.

Along my walk to work, there is a house with two beautiful apricot trees in the sideyard – I’m hoping mine will be just as productive a few years from now! Because of the small size, I think I’ll plant this tree in the front yard flanking the front steps. It’s one of the more sunny areas of the house, even though it’s on the north side, and its size will be a nice balance against the ornamental weeping cherry the previous owners planted on the other end of the yard. Those spring blossoms are going to be great!

I hope...