A few weeks ago, I visited my dad, who had a 2-foot grapefruit tree growing in his picutre window. He told me my cousins had planted some seeds a year ago, and it looked like it was thriving in plain old dirt out of their yard.

I’ve had trouble growing citrus trees in pots in the past – the yard at our previous house was very shady, and all the leaves fell off within weeks. But today, I thought I’d take a chance on planting some citrus seeds, more to see what would happen than for the eventual promise of getting useable fruit from them.

I planted seeds from grapefruit, blood oranges and clementines. Also, I had some persimmon seeds and (ornamental)lablab bean seeds as well, so I threw them into the seed starting medium as well. Should be interesting to see what I get. I understand that most commercially grown fruit tends to be irradiated, so the seeds may be infertile. And I have no idea whether they’ll grow true to type. But for a $7 seed starting kit, it’s a pretty low risk to find out.