Since I posted last week, we’ve had a freeze, and inch of snow, and inch or more of rain and a few sunny days in Columbus. This weekend is supposed to get into the 70s – go figure! After that snow, I was concerned about the seeds I had planted four or five days earlier. The transplanted celery and chard seemed to get by just fine, and to my relief, I finally saw the seeds sprout. So far, I think the tatsoi and radishes have popped up, pretty much overnight. The peas and favas are taking their time, but if I remember, they did last year, too.

While that bed is well on its way, I’m expecting my shipment of fruit trees and bushes early next week, so it’s time to clear space. We decided to build out at least one more 8’x4′ raised bed for strawberries and more herbs, and probably more. I might match that on the shadier with another bed for the blueberry bushes and some rhubarb rhizomes I picked up this week, and maybe the blackcurrants, which require less sun.

In addition, I bought the materials to make a potato box. This plan is billed to produce 100 pounds of potatoes in four square feet – that’s more than we eat in a year by a lot, but if I get a quarter of that, it will be worth it. I may be building that after work tomorrow, though I have to research the proper soil to put inside.

Finally, I bought some red cabbage seedlings to transplant into the shadier bed, and I’m going to put my cucumber seedlings in larger peat pots – they’re overshadowing their neighbors – and I’ll plant out some kale seeds as well, which I forgot the first go-around.

Lots to build, lots of sod to dig out, and lots tree holes to dig and soil to enrich.  So much to do, and so little time! But it’s all fun. Except the sod digging. That’s the pits.