My order from Raintree Nursery arrived yesterday! It was tough to let my trees and bushes sit in their long cardboard box all day – I have to admit I daydreamed quite a bit at work today. Last night, I ran out to Lowe’s to buy some more supplies so I had everything I needed to plant the trees today.

To recap, I have a Pixie Cot apricot tree, a Black Gold dwarf cherry tree, a Hardy Chicago fig, a Titania blackcurrant and a Ben Sarek blackcurrant. In addition, I bought some oyster mushroom rods and wax sealant for a mushroom log project I’m working on with my dad.

The apricot tree is now sprucing up the front yard.

Apricot Tree

We decided to plant the cherry tree to the right of the current raised bed on the sunny side of the yard, with the blackcurrants and transplanted red currants flanking them. While the blackcurrants I recieved are really tiny now (like 6″ tiny!) they’ll fill out to about 4′, and with so little direct sun in the yard, we didn’t want to create more shade in the new raised bed along that side of the yard. I planted the black currants flanking the cherry, and transplanted the two existing red currants in that bed, too. Should be a nice little orchard in a few years!

Cherry Tree and Currant Bushes in the ground

For each tree, I added peat moss, a healthy amount of composted manure and sand to improve drainage. I’ll fertilize later in the season, and sadly, I’m prepared to nip off all the flower bud as soon as they form to encourage vigorous root and branch growth.

Midget Titania Blackcurrant

While these trees look pretty spindly now, I’m excited to see what this year’s growing season brings. In the shrubs I planted last year, I can already see they’re bigger and healthier than when I planted them. Here’s to hoping these trees can accomplish the same – perhaps even more with the increased care I’m sure to give them. I haven’t forgotten the fig tree – I just didn’t have time to get to it today.

Cherry Tree