So I decided against planting the Hardy Chicago Fig tree directly in the ground. I have a great sunny, protected spot for it on the the south wall of our house, but I’m already too mentally invested in the success of this tree, so I built a planter for it that I can move inside in the winter months. I followed the same basic plan as my potato box from last week, only using 8″ wide cedar boards. The finished planter is 2′ tall, 2′ wide and 2′ deep – big enough for the first five or so years with the fig tree. I added an untreated birch base to the planter, and aluminum wheeled casters underneath so I can move it easily when I need to. All in all, the planter was pretty expensive to build (about $30 for the wood, $5 for the screws and $16 for the casters,) but the alternative of a pot that large would have been around $100.

The fig planter (don't mind those bags of manure...)

Around the tree, I added some shallow rooted plants that need about the same amount of water: purple alyssum and lemon verbena.  I love lemon verbena – the plant I grew last year got really huge and trailed luxuriously, so I’m hoping these will do the same to soften the edge of the planter.

Fig tree with lemon verbena and alyssum