Not wanting to waste any of this beautiful, if unseasonably warm, sunshine, we got right to work planting in the new bed. In addition to Janna’s herbs, which creeped over from the small bed next to this new one, we planted six rows of strawberries. Though the directions said to plant them 18 inches apart, there’s no way we’d have enough room. We decided to pack them close together and thin them later if need be. In all, we put in 48 strawberry crowns, mostly Tristar, but also some Ozark Beauty. Both varieties are ever bearning, and I’m hoping that we’ll get a decent crop this year.


Next to the strawberries, I planted four rows of greens, including a red butterhead lettuce, arugula, kale and purslane. I’m thinking the arugula and lettuce will be done by mid June, so we might rotate another crop in at that time. And finally, I planted three crowns of rhubarb along the edge of the bed. I really love rhubarb, but I know we won’t have a crop for a year or two. 


That space sure goes fast!

New Bed