Grow Vegetables, by Alan Buckingham and Jo Whittingham

While I have been gardening a few years, I have a lot to learn about making my garden the best it can be. And while I often look throught books from the library, sometimes, it’s good to have a reference handy whenever you need it. Recently, I picked up Grow Vegetables, by Alan Cunningham and Jo Whittingham, and I’ve been really impressed with the detailed information, clean layout and great photos.

Grow Vegetables some great information about crop rotation and succession: something I’ve been aware I need to work on, but had little direction on. Additionally, I learned many plants give a much higher yield if they are harvested consistently. Things like spinach, Swiss chard, purslane and leaf lettuces are cut and come again crops that can last quite a while. Peppers and green beans will produce more if you harvest lots of young peppers/pods.

Other crops, like favas, peas and most herbs, will grow bushier and more productive if the growing tips of the plants are nipped out now and then.

The book also gives great information about plant diseases and treatments. My one criticism is that organic treatments aren’t as prominent as I’d like – I hope to not have to use herbicides or pesticides.

This book is a handy resource that I can see coming back to again and again.