The shady bed is going gangbusters! I planted most of it about four weeks ago, well into the risky frost time period, but that risk seems to have paid off.

Yesterday, I thinned the radishes out a bit. Some of them are starting to form rounded taproots.


The favas are about six inches tall now, and have lots of side shoots. I also learned that I should pinch out the growing ends as soon as pods start to appear to encourage new side shoots, and picking pods causes the plants to grow more. In the past I’ve been reticent to pick too many bean and pea pods, but it sounds like that just caused me to get lower yields.


The peas are about four inches tall, and sending out their first few tendrils that are just starting to cling to the trellis.


The tatsoi looks best of all – it’s a nice dense row of glossy, dark green leaves. I’ll let them grow a bit more, then thin out some plants for the first greens out of the garden.


The celery is growing slowly- which is what it does – but surely. I’m beginning to see that the stalks have a reddish tinge to them – I can’t exactly remember what variety I planted last spring, but I hope it was a red variety!


The Swiss chard and spinach have got off to a slower start, but are now taking off, growing their first true leaves within the past few days.


Finally, the lettuce I sowed just one week ago has sprouted. I can’t wait for a fresh spring salad with all the variety in this bed!