A couple weekends ago, Janna planted out most of her herb garden. I may be falsely confident that we won’t get another hard frost, but it’s hard to pass up all these extra weeks of growing season. In the 2’x4′ herb bed, she planted new rosemary and oregano, because neither of the existing plants survived last winter.  She also added some creeping thyme to the thyme that came back (it’s my favorite herb, so we go through a lot of it) and purple sage as well. Around the parsley that came back, she planted parsley seed, as well as dill and cilantro from seed.

Herb Seeds

Next door, we devoted about a quarter of the new bed to herbs. Janna loves basil, so we made space in the new bed for a whole lot of it. She planted a really pretty Boxwood basil with tiny leaves, purple basil and some Genovese basil as well. We’ll fill in with seeds in a few weeks.

Purple Basil

She planted borage and chamomile from seed. She also added winter savory, which is a new one for both of us. I can’t wait to stop buying herbs at the store – it’s going to be a great summer!