There’s always that one day in mid-spring when all the plants in the garden seem to double overnight. Friday morning, I left for a work trip, and returned Saturday evening, and while I was gone, all the plants got to work!

After I unpacked, I went out back and was really surprised to see that all nine seed potatoes had finally sprouted! The first to sprout is now about eight inches tall, and twice as large as when I left it on Friday. Some of the strawberries have formed flower bud, one of the rhubarb rhizomes has sent up a fresh, green leaf, and the kale and arugula are taking off like crazy. And the cherry tree has tons of leaves on it.

Cherry tree - no longer just a twig

Over in the shady bed, the spinach, and two types of lettuce have grown secondary leaves, the cabbage has gotten huge, most of the radishes are the perfect size to pick, the tatsoi is bushy and needs to be thinned (stir fry?) and the spinach and Swiss chard are right on track. The peas and favas shot up another two inches, at least.

Even the flower beds took off – the oak leaf hydrangea that seemed to barely hang on last summer has unfurled a ton more leaves and looks as healthy as can be. The other hydrangeas have probably three dozen clusters of buds each, and the peony buds look like they’ll bloom soon.

Hydrangea Bud