I recently turned the soil over in the last remaining unplanted bed, and added a bag of peat moss, a bag of sand and five bags of composted manure. The soil is so rich and black!

After I rescued the volunteers from the bed, I replanted them in some semblance of order in the newly enriched soil. I decided it was warm enough to replant my tomato seedlings outside. I ended up with eight volunteers, and planted seven more seedlings I had grown. I placed them a little close, but I figure I might loose a few. And I definitely want to buy a few more varieties to plant as well. I over did it. I already know. But it’s hard to toss a perfectly good plant! Maybe I’ll give some of those extras to friends when they get stronger.

Tiny tomatoes in the ground. And planted way too close together, I know.

I also planted my cucumber seedlings – four different types. I’ll figure I’ll let them trail down behind the bed, then train them up the fence.  These include the two strongest transplants of home grown Early Russian, as well as the Lemon, Bush and Sweet Success plants I got from Baker’s Acres.

Cucumbers in the ground.

I left room for eggplant as well as tomatillos and ground cherries. Coming as soon as I can find the right plants at a nursery!