A while back, I asked my Dad what he’d like for this birthday. He surprised me by saying he’d like to grow mushrooms. You can buy those at the store, right? Yeah, he said, but he wanted to try it. And who am I to argue?

So back when I ordered my fruit trees, I also put in an order for 250 oyster mushroom dowels and Doc Farwell’s Seal & Heal from Raintree Nursery. Last weekend, I split up the dowels, gave half to my dad, and decided to start a log or two of my own. My dad cut me two large, fresh oak limbs – each about six inches in diameter and four feet long. It’s important the the logs are fresh and that the bark is intact.

Lining up the dowels

I drilled holes with a 5/16 bit about four inches apart and  1 1/2 inches deep along the length of both logs (I got seven rows in on each log, leaving the underside of each undrilled to rest on the ground.) I put a mushroom spore dowel in each hole, and sealed them with the waxy Heal & Seal. I set the logs in a shady spot, where they will stay moist (in the southwest corner of the yard, behind the lilac bush.)

I tucked the mushroom logs behind the lilac bush in the shadiest, most damp part of the garden.

 Now, to wait six months to two years for some delicious mushrooms! Then, world domination.