Like almost everything else in the garden, the herbs are doing great! The seeds Janna planted have really taken off, and it’s almost time to start thinning/eating them!

The third of the new bed that's full of herbs.

 The front 3/5 of this space is all basil. We’re not going to run short this year! The chives arent doing terribly well – they were transplanted about a month and a half ago. Behind the basil, there’s a nice lush mat of Roman chamomile, and at the back is a grove of borage. I’ve never tasted borage before (it’s the flowers that are edible) but I hope we like it – there’s going to be a ton!

The original 2×4 herb bed

Over in the original herb bed, all the perennial herbs are shooting up. The thyme has been flowering, so that’s been a good excuse to use lots of it up. The rosemary, oregano and sage have had a couple haircuts already, too. On the right,  cilantro, dill and parsley are all coming up like crazy.