The replanted front yard.

It’s been a while since I posted about the front yard. It’s almost too much to tackle all at once, and I had been really reluctant to try. A couple weekends ago, while I was out of town for work, Janna decided she’d get us going, and pulled out the wildly overgrown holly bushes and the amorphous coniferous shrub. Later, I aggressively pruned back the weeping cherry, and it now has a lot less to weep about.

Even with an empty bed, the yard already looked way better. The soil ended up being pretty nice, with who knows how many years of rotted leaves underneath those monster shrubs. We rebuilt the small stone retaining wall in a less haphazard way.

And then we planted! Because we love hydrangeas so much (and we found nice big ones for $25 each at Lowe’s,) we planted four. Around them, we planted some small winter gem boxwoods. They have nice, shiny large leaves and a softer growing pattern than some of the other varieties of boxwood.

On the other side of the front steps, we added a few courses of stone to mirror the larger bed. I cleared out a patch of grass around the apricot tree, and planted some boxwoods around it, and replanted the sedum that was already existing near the steps.

The apricot tree looks a little happier now.

It was a long few days of work, but I think it already looks much better! We’re getting some quotes to repair the broken step and to straighten out and cover over the stoop with brick pavers. I also have repairing the sidewalk on my agenda for the coming week. Slowly but surely, we’ll get there!