Well, I’ve been traveling almost every weekend for work (and a little for fun) for the past month, and it’s going to continue for a little while longer. Meanwhile, the garden just keeps growing and growing – both the food parts and the non-edible parts. My list of yard work chores is growing just as fast. In the next few weeks, I’ve got my work cut out for me:

  • Weed the sidewalk in the front yard. Today, I re-laid a section of the sidewalk to get ride of a particularly bad dip created by the digging up of our water main two years ago. I hope this fix will be more permanent than my prior fix.
  • Weed the back patio. This is the most embarassing part of the back yard. Eventually, I’d love to get this professionally redone with pavers, but we’re making do with the existing, wobbly brick for the time being.
  • Move the celery. It’s huge, and it’s blocking the sunlight from the center of the shady bed.
  • Replant the shady bed. While the peas are just about ready, the favas are starting to form pods, the cabbage is starting to form heads and the Swiss chard is doing great, the rest of this bid is spent and can use some new crops. I think I’ll do mostly salad greens, planted at two-week intervals for season-long eating!
  • Shuffle/re-locate perennials in the native shade garden. This stuff got OUT OF CONTROL this spring. The hostas, astilbe and viburnum are all on top of each other.
  • Weed the inedible beds and mulch.