My greens are coming into their own these days. So much so that I cleared out the shady bed to plant some new rows of greens – arugula, spinach, lettuce and also some pole beans to succeed the peas. I pulled all the celery out – it was hugely tall, blocked all the light from that bed, and wasn’t particularly tasty – it had a very metallic flavor and very tough strings – so much that to eat it, we had to cut it into very small slices.

The kale is at its prime..

The arugula is a little past its peak. It's starting to bolt, and though I pick off the buds and flowers, it won't last too much longer.

The purslane is looking much less anemic. I can actually see picking more than a leaf here and there for a salad. It's remarkably upright, which suits this space really well. Most purslane I've seen growing as weed is prostrate.

 We had a little bit of tragedy in the garden yesterday, though. Our neighbor’s cursed walnut tree had two large dead limbs that overhung into our yard. Definitely a problem. They must have hired an arborist, which is great. But that arborist came into our yard to bring the limbs down. While doing that, they weren’t particularly careful, and a couple of the hydrangeas and peonies were damaged, and my newly planted shady bed is full of walnut leaves and sawdust, and looks like it was raked flat – I’m sure those seeds are totally scattered now. I’m not sure whether I should just start over, or wait and see what happens. Hopefully, I didn’t lose two weeks of growing season. The bonus is that we do have some extra sun in the garden, which is definitely more permanent than the damage that was done.