Last week, I was really surprised to find some tiny figs on the tree I just planted in April! When it came in the mail, it was a leafless stick with one spindly, weak looking root. Today, it has about doubled in size, has a ton of big leaves, and now three 1/2 figs, and it looks like a few more tiny ones! The figs I’ve been watching have roughly doubled in size in the past week.

Hardy Chicago figs will ripen to a reddish brown color – I’m guessing it will be another month or so before they’re ready. I must have missed the breba crop this year (I didn’t expect any figs, so this is great!) From what I’ve read, te breba crop forms underneath the leaf base, and the main crop forms above it on the current year’s growth. I debated removing the figs for this first year, but the tree is growing vigorously, and I’ve got it in 2 cubic feet of very rich soil – I’m going to let them ripen!

Fig Tree with lemon verbena and lablab beans below, surrounded by my pepper boxes.