While most of our tomato plants (and almost everything else in the garden, actually,) are doing great and getting huge, a few of them are wilting pretty badly.

Wilting leaves on my tomatoes.

 From what I’ve read, I really can’t figure out what the problem is. It’s been getting hot and very dry lately, but we’ve been watering. Maybe overwatering? Maybe a fungal disease? The odd thing is that only the plants I grew from seed or that sprouted naturally in the bed. I did transplant them all, and they were fairly small when I did so. Maybe these plants are getting their roots burnt because there’s only a few inches of stem underground? I also noticed more surface roots on these plants, probably because my watering has washed away some of the soil around the plants. Janna added some new soil around their bases, and I made a note to water much more gently in the future.

The one close-to-fully formed tomato on these plants has a bad case of blossom end rot, also.

Other than the leaf curl, the plants seem healthy, and are flowering profusely.

Any ideas on what this could be? Should I pull them out right away? I’d love to try to save them if at all possible. I put a lot of time into growing those seedlings, and they were looking great until about a week ago.