The tomato plants are almost back to normal!

 Our tomato plants are recovering! Last week, we put a few bags more soil on top of the tomato’s roots, and removed the dead and dying branches of leaves. Since then, they’ve been perking up really well! All but one plant looks relatively healthy, and even the worst off plant looks much better than before.

The first tomatoes!

Yesterday, we were delighted to find the first two tomatoes ripening! These are black Brandywine, and they have green shoulders. They’re low on the plant, so it’s no wonder we missed them this long.

Today's harvest: a black Brandywine tomato, an Ichiban eggplant, some kale, purslane, a jalapeno and some oregano.

 It’s getting to be peak season in the garden, and every day supplies almost a whole meal’s worth of vegetables. Today, I picked a small handful of purslane, some oregano, a ripened jalapeno, some kale, an eggplant, and the first tomato of the year! I had some ground lamb and some taco shells, so tacos seemed like a great idea. 

Spicy lamb tacos with the first garden tomato of the summer.

Lately, I’ve been cooking much less meat. I just don’t have an apetite for it when it’s so hot. When I do cook it, it’s more as a flavoring than the main attraction. These tacos started with a layer of blanched kale, some onion slices marinated in lemon juice, the 1/4 pound lamb browned with onions, garlic, jalapeno, chili powder, cumin and salt, some purslane leaves, chopped tomato, cheddar cheese, and Greek yogurt. That first tomato was so flavorful and delicious!