Part of the challenge of small-space gardening is making sure there’s enough room for everyone who needs to use the yard. Especially dogs. I put my pepper boxes near the back door, to give them as much light as possible. But we also tether our dog Lucy when she goes out. She has a penchant for chasing squirrels, and is overall, a pretty smart and mischievous dog.
One day last week, I let the dogs out, and they didn’t want to come in for a long time. I looked out the door, and saw that Lucy had been digging vigourously in my hot pepper box – her whole front half was covered in dirt. She had irreparably damaged one plant, one looked bad, but was worth a shot to keep, one was minorly damaged, and the last was in pretty good shape. Well, after a week of nursing, that plant on the edge didn’t make it. There were three nice sized poblanos on it, though, so when I pulled it up, I had the makings of  some salsa verde, together with some farmers market tomatillos. I’ll have to figure out what to put into the middle of this box – and I’ll also have to remember that it’s the least dig-proof site in the yard.

The hot pepper box, right after planting about two months ago.

Lucy. Happy, but definitely not innocent.

The hot peppers after Lucy went berserk.