Every house has that certain junk drawer, where odds and ends seem to go to disappear. While we have plenty of those in our house, I’ve also got a drawer reserved for seeds and garden planning stuff.

The garden drawer.

I make a conscious effort to keep as little clutter as possible. With the addition of a Favorites folder on my laptop, it’s just about everything I need to keep the garden running smoothly. Here are a few tips for keeping a functional garden drawer.

  • Use a drawer in a location where the temperature doesn’t vary much (ie, inside your house, not in a shed or garage.)
  • I keep a folder to keep notes, growing guides for plants that I’m not sure how to care for, my treelawn planting permit and garden plans.
  • I also keep a pen (because I can never find one when I need one,) Sharpie, a few blank pages of paper and a booklet of graph paper for laying out beds.
  • If your seed packets are opened, store them as airtight as possible – I keep like seeds (greens, roots, nightshades, herbs and legumes) in sealed plastic bags.
  • Clean out your drawer now and then – if you really didn’t like a certain variety of lettuce, throw it out or give it away.