I’m not sure whether it’s from the heat, or jsut because they’re getting read to harvest, but the vines on my potatoes have been dying back quite a bit. I took this as a sign I needed to check on my spuds, and steal a few for dinner this week. I removed one plank, and dug around inside the box. Nothing. I dug further. Nothing. I dug upward. Nothing. Finally, I came across a healthy, if not gargantuan, potato! The first one of the year! Encouraged, I keep rooting around, giving up most care to being gentle. For all my trouble, I found two more tiny tubers.


Discouraged, I replaced the dirt, put the plank back on, and took my potatoes inside, at least knowing that I wouldn’t have a $0 return on investment.

3 ounces of potatoes. That's like $200 a pound so far...