My second attempt at an infusion was inspired by a recipe from the Hungry Southerner, which I found on Punk Domestics. If you haven’t seen this site yet, it’s great! It can be hard to find good, unique recipes for preserves that give you enough information to be able to take your own liberties. But Punk Domestics is full of them, from people with great blogs from all over.
This time, I’m trying and blueberry infusion. I cut the recipe in half, and my only addition a large Turkish bay leaf. Because blueberries and bay are both members of the laurel family, I thought there might be an interesting interplay of flavors – sweet/sour and resinous. I taste tested as I went along, and I removed the bay leaf after two days.  I decanted the mixture after two weeks through a sieve and a two coffee filters, and the result is a highly flavored, just barely sweet mixer.

Blueberry/Bay infused vodkaThe finished product! Great with some tonic and a twist of lime.