Last week, I ordered 25 pounds of Ohio peaches from the awesome, local Wayward Seed Farm – for only $1 a pound! I’m not quite sure why, but I didn’t realize how many peaches are in 25 pounds. These peaches are completely awesome – most store bought peaches are mealy and don’t have an aroma at all. These yield slightly to the touch  (perfectly ripe TODAY!) and have a beautiful perfume about them.

This is just half of them...

We picked them up at the North Market Farmers Market this morning, and Janna spotted some nice looking blackberries as well. In for a penny, in for a pound, we also picked up a 12-pint flat of blackberries for $25 from Rhoades Farm. Not too shabby, considering the tasteless blackberries at Whole Foods are selling for $2 a half-pint.

These blackberries are so good Janna couldn't wait until I took a photo.

So today is canning day. And probably freezing day as well. It’s harder than you think to use 25 pounds of peaches. Updates to follow soon.