A few weeks back, I posted my massive haul of 3 ounces of potatoes. Last weekend, I decided to end the potatoes’ misery and dig them all up. All but one of the vines had died.

If people decorated potato plants instead of pine trees, this would have been featured in Charlie Brown's Christmas.

 After digging and digging, and then digging and digging some more without sign of a potato except for one the size of a pearl, I finally got down to the bottom layer of soil – the spot where I had planted the seed potatoes. None had grown up along the buried stems – the whole point of the potato box. They were all clustered at the bottom of the bin in the original layer of soil.

In all, I got another 2 3/4 pounds of potatoes – enough for about three meals. Definitely not 100 pounds. But I guess there’s no way we would have ever eaten 100 pounds of potatoes.

Not 100 pounds, but a more managable haul.

Next year, I’m going to move the potato box to the shadier side of the yard. I think they’ll prefer to be cooler and under some shade.

In place of the potatoes, I planted four tomato seedlings I’ve had in small pots buried in another bed. I doubt they’ll have time to grow enough to produce many tomatoes, but I thought I should try to squeeze more value out of my potato box investment.

If potatoes won't grow, try tomatoes!