Maybe it was the 60 degree weather we had this week in Columbus, or maybe it’s more of a primal urge to get back to digging in the dirt, but my mind has turned back to gardening. I’m more excited than ever to plant some new types of vegetables, fruit, trees, bushes – everything!

Since I last posted in August, I’ve kept myself slightly occupied with garden-related stuff – I planted two junebeery/saskatoon bushes and an elderberry bush in the sideyard in November, kept that cold frame going strong through some 0-degree days, pruned my fruit trees and bushes, and started planning for spring.

I’ve also placed my seed orders, and already have some sprouts growing in the window. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a community garden plot that would triple the amount of space I have to grow. So welcome back to Imperfect Urban Farm – 2011 is going to be a fun year.