I’m getting more and more excited about spring time now that March is here. Last year, I planted my first seeds outside on March 20 – that’s less that three weeks away from today!

I mentioned last week that I am going to try growing artichokes – so I started four peat pots of seeds. I’ve been rewarded with my first artichoke sprouts in the past few days, and I’m now coming to the realization that I’ll definitely need that community garden plot to grow them – they may be tiny now, but those four sprouts will eventually fill a 10′ x 2.5′ row!

The application went up yesterday for community garden plots at Gantz Road Park, and I filled out my form for a 10’x20′ as soon as I saw it. That should give me plenty of room to grow these artichokes along with the other space-hog fruits and veggies I want to grow this year.