There was no question that our treelawn needed some serious help. Filled with patchy, dying grass and weeds, and two short walkways to the street, which had both sunk – one so low that the grass had overtaken it. Last Saturday, I spent most of the day pulling up the grass and repairing the sidewalks and getting the bed ready for planting. 

Janna created a semi-formal plan for the bed – we planted small boxwoods in a diamond patter to allow us to fill in the spaces with herb or flowers, depending on the season. I picked up a few variegated sorrel plants that will look great in one of the spaces.  


After a lot of convincing, Janna agreed to let me plant a fruit tree in the bed – she is still worried that stuff will drop onto cars parked in the street, but I promised I’d pick everything before it did that. She’s still not convinced… The tree I chose is a Santa Rosa dwarf plum. At its biggest, it will only be about eight feet tall, it’s self-pollinating, and the fruit is supposed to be really good. Of course, before I planted it, I dug peat moss and composted manure into the bed. Needless to say, I’m really excited about this tree.