Spinach and arugula

I think most everything has had a slow start this year, but the shady salad greens bed has really loved the cool, rainy weather. The early sowed arugula and spinach is at its peak, and the row of arugula I planted three weeks later is filling out, too. The lacinato kale, Chinese kale and Swiss chard are all coming in really well, and should last through the fall, though they’ll need a month or so before I can pick large amounts of leaves.

Tiny jewel-like leaves of lettuce

The lettuce is more slow going that I would have though, and of the three types I put in the ground at different times, they’re all about at the same size. The amaranth seed I got from the Asian grocery store never sprouted, so something else got that space. The chrysanthemum sprouted slowly, but is starting to come into its own. The purslane and red orach are tiny, but will undoubtedly shoot up soon. The salad burnet is going well, but it’s leaves are anything like I expected.

Swiss chard with chrysanthemum at left and lettuce at right

Chinese kale and lacinato kale (cavolo nero)