The sorrel lasted through the winter really well, and ended up as a big, luxurious clump of long, sword-shaped, red-streaked leaves this spring. Thought I had it in one of the raised beds, it was time the sorrel had a home in a permanent location.With a small strip of treelawn bare, we decided to play up the beauty of the foliage by giving the sorrel a prime spot where everyone will see it.

I divided the sorrel clump into six plants, and added four new plants from the nursery It’s amazing to see how much larger the leaves get with time. Hopefully, in another year, I’ll have as much sorrel as I’ll ever need, to use as a salad green or in cold soups. In between my two rows of sorrel, Janna planted a couple varieties of ornamental sedum, mirroring the sedum behind the apricot tree, closer to the house. Even in a tiny space (1.5 x 4 feet) you can make a landscape edible and beautiful all at once.