The first plantings of aurgula and spinach in the shady bed were getting well past their prime – leggy and starting to bolt. Still, with four-foot rows of each, there have been plently of leaves to put into salads over the last few days. In addition, the red orach seeds I planted a couple months ago have resulted in about five little seedlings in a four-foot row, and I left one row unplanted.

Red orach.

As we get into the heat of summer, some of the more tender lettuces won’t do too well. Spinach is pretty much out until late August or September. But I did find a few things in the seed drawer that will do pretty well in the empty spaces.

First, I’ll plant a new row of arugula, but not in the space I just pulled it from. I’ve got another row about a month old and getting into its prime, so this schedule should keep us pretty well stocked through October. Next, I’ll add a row of parsley. We do have a good-sized patch of it in the herb box, but we go through quite a bit – it makes a great salad green, and it’s a biennial. I’m also going to try a row of fennel. It might be too hot, but that’s one thing I meant to try earlier, but never got around to it before – hopefully, the shade of the bed will keep it happy. Finally, I’ll plant a row of oak leaf lettuce. Most oak leaves tend to be more heat-hardy than other lettuces.  

A huge bowl of salad greens from the garden: spinach, arugula and Swiss chard.