The redcurrants ripened almost all at once. They’re bright, tart, juicy and altogether great! It’s easiest to pick them in their clusters and then remove the berries into a collander before you eat them. I got about a cup of berries this year, and from the way the bush has grown even in the past few months, I think they’ll start producing tons next year.

There are about 20 total blackcurrants on one of my bushes this year, and they seem to be ripening one by one rather than most of them at once like the redcurrants. I’ve never eaten a fresh blackcurrant before this one – the flavor is very tart, and very strong – but very good! This one may have been a bit underripe still. Hopefully next year, the bushes will start to come into their own.

The two ground cherry plants I have in the backyard are huge, and giving me a handful of berries every day. It seems very early to be getting anything at all from them, but I’ll take it. For the amount of space these plants take up, they might be the best bet for fruit from the garden this year. I love the sweet-tart flavor.