I didn’t get enough red currants this year to preserve in jam or jelly or bake into a dessert. About 3/4 cup in total – enough to eat my fill fresh, with 1/2 cup left. I’m not sure how long red currants would keep in the fridge, and I really wanted to make them last. When I asked the Twitterverse what I should do with them, the superstar of Columbus’s restaurant world suggested red currant infused vodka. And who am I to argue?

There’s nothing easier – just dump the currants into a jar, and top with vodka. Wait a month, strain, and you’ve got a great cocktail mixer! I used 1/2 cup of currants and 1 3/4 cups (give or take) of vodka. Svedka is a nice brand to use for infusing – it’s inexpensive and of good quality which will let the currant flavor come to the forefront. Over time, the color will bleach out of the currants and give the infusion a pink hue. Even after a few hours, you can see the currants giving up their color.