The lone apricot that I let grow on my two-year old tree was finally ripe! I’ve been keeping a close eye on it over the past two weeks, as it turned from green to yellow before changing to a deep golden orange. Just yesterday, it started feeling less than firm, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we could pick and eat it. After a normal check in last night, I stepped outside this afternoon to find it on the ground! I was a little bit devastated at first, but it seemed to have survived the three-foot fall fairly well. A family of ants did find it, but they were pretty easy to brush off.

It was much larger than an average apricot – more like a generously sized peach. When I sliced into it, it retained some firmness, but was juicy, too. Pixie Cots are a free-stone variety, which makes it easy to split and eat. All this means nothing, unless the fruit tastes good, and boy, did it! It had none of the sourness that most apricots have, but retained the essence of the fruit. The sweetness was profound but complex. More like a floral honey than table sugar.

On the one hand, I really wish there were more apricots right now. But on the other hand, my asceticism in only letting one mature should result in much larger yields in future years. I really can’t wait until next year!