The row of Chinese Kale in the bed of greens is by far the tallest, and it’s starting to form flower buds, so it seemed to be time to harvest a significant portion of it. Chinese Kale is interesting in that its leaves are large and flat, but also leathery and lightly bitter. This is a green that definitely needs to be cooked. The stems are fairly tender for something so sturdy, and the flower buds are also edible, and delicious. 

A weeknight calls for something simple and light, so I settled on a pasta, combining the Chinese Kale with broccoli raab. This is not a complicated thing to make – and there really isn’t a firm recipe, but here’s an outline:

Chinese Kale and Broccoli Raab Pasta
as much garlic as you can handle
as much olive oil as covers the bottom of a skillet
as much Chinese Kale and broccoli raab as you have on hand (chop the stems separately from the leaves/buds)
as much salt as you like
a little pasta for body
more red chili flakes than you think is prudent
some cheese for on top – I used ricotta salata, which is creamy and squeaky at the same time

Lightly brown the garlic, then add the chili flakes and salt. Add the chopped stems, cook until soft, then add the leaves and buds. Cook them until slightly wilted, mix in some pasta, and top with cheese.

The greens are nice and bitter, which pairs well with the creamy cheese and hot pepper. A satisfying supper.