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Just as I left one apricot to ripen while the tree gets its strength up, I let a solitary plum from the tree I planted this spring develop. It was really hard to pick off all the tiny plums back in May, but if that means I’ll get a bigger harvest next year, I’m all for it. This plum had turned a deep, beautiful purple about four weeks ago. It remained very firm, only starting to yield to gentle pressure a few days ago. We actually found it on the ground today, and it may have been a touch overripe.

Still, the flavor was great – not as transcendent as that apricot last month, but still – unbelievably sweet flesh, with a tart skin and more floral than anything I’ve ever eaten from the store or even farmers market. The plum was quite a bit smaller than I expected, but still, it was the perfect dessert after the great Indian meal Janna cooked up today.




There was no question that our treelawn needed some serious help. Filled with patchy, dying grass and weeds, and two short walkways to the street, which had both sunk – one so low that the grass had overtaken it. Last Saturday, I spent most of the day pulling up the grass and repairing the sidewalks and getting the bed ready for planting. 

Janna created a semi-formal plan for the bed – we planted small boxwoods in a diamond patter to allow us to fill in the spaces with herb or flowers, depending on the season. I picked up a few variegated sorrel plants that will look great in one of the spaces.  


After a lot of convincing, Janna agreed to let me plant a fruit tree in the bed – she is still worried that stuff will drop onto cars parked in the street, but I promised I’d pick everything before it did that. She’s still not convinced… The tree I chose is a Santa Rosa dwarf plum. At its biggest, it will only be about eight feet tall, it’s self-pollinating, and the fruit is supposed to be really good. Of course, before I planted it, I dug peat moss and composted manure into the bed. Needless to say, I’m really excited about this tree.