It’s been another great week in the community garden. Even with temperatures in the 90s all week, it did fine without a weeding or watering since last Sunday. The cilantro has all gone to seed, so there will be a lot of homegrown corriander in our future. The squash are taking over the garden, and the onions seem to be doing the least well. I didn’t pick any this week to give them time to rebound a bit. I really do need to thin my beets – those that have had plenty of space have matured pretty quickly, but lots of plants are very cramped. There’s even a peanut-sized watermelon growing.

This week, I got a big bunch of kale, two heads of broccoli (the first time I’ve grown it!) a few smallish bulls blood beeds, with their reddish leaves, THREE artichokes, including one fairly large one, some tomatillo and ground cherries, and a winter squash! The squash is a Rouge d’Vif Etamps – and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I wasn’t expecting it to ripen for another few months, but here it is – and there are plenty more small ones on the vines.